Emile Ouchard Fil & Pere
Emile Ouchard Fil & Pere
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Emile Ouchard Fil & Pere

a violin bow by Emile Ouchard Pere & Fil
silver mounted
made in Mirecourt ca.1930
in good condition
sold with certificate from Raffin

OUCHARD, Emile François Born 1872, died 1951 Mirecourt France. Bow maker, known as ‘Ouchard Père’. Apprenticed to E. Cuniot from 1886. Remained at the shop after Cuniot’s death in 1910 as assistant to his widow until 1922. Established independently from 1923 at 1 rue Canon, but continued to use the Cuniot brand as well as his own. By 1936 the business included his son, Émile Auguste, and up to 15 employees, including P. Audinot, L. Brugère, P. Barjonnet, A. & R. Richaume, and M. Mangenot. In 1937, father and son fell into dispute, with Émile Auguste taking over control of the business, but Ouchard Père remaining in place against his son’s wishes. Eventually Émile Auguste withdrew to Paris. T

OUCHARD, Emile Auguste Born 1900 Mirecourt, died 1969 Gan France. Bow maker. Son and pupil of Emile François, below. Worked with his father for Cuniot until 1922; established together independently that year. Adopted modifications to the underslide suggested by M. Millant, on the lines devised by W. E. Hill & Sons in England. Succeeded to his father’s business 1937, and began to use his own distinctive brand. Moved to Paris 1940, settling at 54 rue de Rome. In 1946 moved to New York, to work for L. Rudié. Won an important contract to make bows for William Lewis & Son, in Chicago in 1948, and bought a home in Batavia, Illinois, which he occupied until 1951 when he returned to New York



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