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strijkstok / altvioolstrijkstokken

Bows are often forgotton but it is very important for playing. If you have a good quality bow so many things can be done much easier. And the quality of bows affects greatly for the sound, Compare to upgrading instruments upgrading bow is cheaper optiona and sometimes just changing bow, all complain of sound dissapear. 
Please come to my workshop and try some. I have always a few collection of bows from 100 euro to 7000 euro


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altvioolstrijkstok van Georges Barjonnet

altvioolstrijkstok van Georges Barjonnet

Goud en schildpadschild montuur altviooolstrijkstok van G. Barjonnet

€ 8.600,00 p/stuk
Morizot Freres

Morizot Freres

Franse altvioolstrijkstok van Morizot Freres

€ 6.000,00 p/stuk
J.P. Bernard

J.P. Bernard

zilver montuur altviool strijkstok van J.P.Bernard

€ 2.200,00 p/stuk