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The instrument itself is very important for the sound, but small fittings can make a quite difference in sound and playability.

What can be done to make your violin sound best and which part can make the difference?
First, we must see how the sound is being created.
When the bow touches the strings it commends a vibration.  This vibration is transmitted through the bridge to the top plate. From the top plate the vibration moves to the back plate through the sound post and ribs. As air inside starts vibrating, sound comes out from the ‘f’ holes. Both bridge and sound post are very important in creating this sound.
A second factor is playability. When you play the instrument easier, you can produce a better sound from the instrument. This is mostly affected by shape of the bridge, conditions of pegs, string hight, fingerboard, etc.
To adjust the sound we check all fittings and accessories.
Let’s check each factor;


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Jurielle Noel Jurielle Noel
The nice lady helped me so well! Tuned my cello for free and I also got advice on future improvements and on a teacher that cpuld help me as I'm new here. Very nice and helpful!

Juliya Belyanevich juliya Belyanevich
By giving the avaluation I being ruled by criterias that are relevant to me.
For me it is always important the first impression . That was very friendly and Tomoko appeared to be a very amicable person and interested in provided me a …More

Jared GustafsonJared Gustafson
I have had a great experience renting violins from this store over the past eight months. …More

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